About us

Fidrio has been a wholesaler of mouth-blown glassware since 1996. Every year, we develop vividly unique glassware collections. We have now combined our love of mouth blown glassware with a growing passion for scented candles. To this end, we established Illuminate by Fidrio in August 2023, an exciting new scented candle line. We sourced the finest raw materials for the Illuminate range and set our imaginations free, resulting in a series of sustainable scented candles made from the best plant-based wax.

Captivate the day, illume the night


Our candles are made from certified 100% organic vegetable wax. This wax is biodegradable and comes from a renewable source. Our candles burn significantly cleaner, longer and with a better scent diffusion than paraffin candles. In addition to this, the residual wax is easily removable and leaves no grease stains. Each luxury package is made from responsible raw materials (FSC quality approved) and the outer boxes are made from recycled cardboard. The artisanal glassware is mouth-blown and the candles are hand-poured in Europe. The shapes and color patterns are never identical. Each piece has its own charm.


At a time when environmental concerns are high, we strive to maximize the sustainability of our products. This principle resulted in a perfect combination of beautifully handcrafted products and green principles: a collection of ecologically mindful scented candles. What we also find very important is that every Illuminate vase is endlessly reusable in the décor of a home, retaining decorative value long after the scented candle has been used up.

Tell a story with the ambience of Illuminate

Keeping the Ambience Optimal

We love nothing better than to see people sharing the pleasure of an atmospheric home lit up with Illuminate candles! Take a snap of your Illuminate by Fidrio scented candle and tag us on Instagram #illuminatebyfidrio.
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